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Huacari Tours A Once -in a-lifetime experience awaits

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Moises Torres manager of Huacari T with Cejrowski( Famous writer in Poland)


Huacari Tours is an excellent company

doskonaly !!!!!!!!!!

Wojciech Cejrowski

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  • beni (Wednesday, April 10 13 12:33 pm EDT)

    equipo teixeira
    5 tage im jungel, was will man mehr. von piranias bis giftige schlangen alles gesehen. das essen war ausgezeichnet. am besten waren die leute, augusto con mucho gusto und teixeira21. es war
    paradisisch, wuerde es sofort wieder machen


  • Tilly (Sunday, January 15 12 11:47 pm EST)

    I'm quite pleased with the informtiaon in this one. TY!

  • Crazeduser (Tuesday, November 15 11 02:00 pm EST)

    We went on a 3 day tour in January with Amazon Adventure Expeditions / Fly Catcher Tours and were pretty happy with it. They are listed in the newest edition of Lonely Planet
    Peru. The first night we decided to camp out in hammocks with mosquito nets, and the second night we stayed at Renaco Lodge. Our guide, Ricardo was very knowledgeable and friendly. We also talked to
    Jairo who was pretty cool. Price was very reasonable, and food was pretty good. Price goes down for 5 day tours (it's like 5 days for the price of 4.) Their office is right near the Plaza de Armas
    (Putumayo 155) and you can read the log book full of comments from previous tourists before you go.

  • Matt (Tuesday, November 15 11 01:54 pm EST)

    I am so glad to have been a participant in your Ayahuasca ceremony. Words can hardly describe the experience. The vastness of my mind, the loving, gentle nature of the plant, the connection to
    nature, the insights were beyond anything I could of imagined.
    The best thing of all was coming back home with this awareness, the words to describe this state would be "Brilliant Silence." In that brilliant silence I could not be separated from the ALL that is.
    I could not find an "us and a them " anywhere. Though it has been several months since my return and my silence is not so brilliant, I am changed.
    When Spirit calls, I will definitely not hesitate to be with you and the plant teacher,
    Matt S, San Francisco, CA United States

  • Jessica (Tuesday, November 15 11 01:48 pm EST)

    This is the only place in the world for my first Ayahuasca experience. It couldn’t be more perfect. It couldn’t be anywhere else” United States.

  • steve (Tuesday, November 15 11 01:46 pm EST)

    I have taken 4 trips to jungle lodges with AEE/Fly Catcher Tours. Sr Torres always takes good care of me. He is always waiting at the airport in Iquitos for me, and sees me to my hotel. Iquitos is a
    unique city with sociable, friendly people. It’s pretty safe, and inexpensive compared to most tourist spots. To get to the jungle lodge, your guide and a hired car take you to Nauta, a 90 minute
    drive from Iquitos. From there, your river boat takes you up a side river off the Amazon. You will pass or stop at remote villages, where life hasn’t changed much from 100 years ago. Depending on the
    lodge you choose, the boat trip is 1 to 3 hours. On the boat trip, I have seen schools of pink dolphins, and had them practically jumping in the boat. Once you get to the lodge, your guide takes care
    of your meals, and takes you out to do whatever you choose. Hiking, fishing, canoeing, or just relaxing in a hammock. If you are looking for a Ramada or Hilton, a jungle lodge probably isn’t for you.
    But if you want to experience the jungle and still have a nice bed, prepared meals, and a shower, hit the lodge. AEE/Fly Catcher Tours takes a lot of people out on camping trips in the jungle, but
    I’m not that brave. If anybody wants, I’m more than happy to answer questions or swap pictures from my trips.
    Steve E
    Oceanside, CA

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