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Huacari Tours A Once -in a-lifetime experience awaits

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The tiniest monkeys in the jungle called Lioncito

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Spring Break Time to Start Planning
I know, I know -- we've barely scratched the surface of the holiday season and it's hard to even think of the spring-time, especially when it feels like autumn was just yesterday. But the truth is, Spring Break will be here before you know it; and those who plan ahead, plan early, are setting themselves up for the best trips. Contact us for more info.

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Native Anthropology

Escape to learn about the lives of native peoples from the Jungle.From ancient cultures and customs, allow us to introduce you to the many faces from the jungle of Peru

Urarinas Tribe,Boras Tribe and Ocaina Tribe

In this  trip you will  live and learn the customs and cultures of the native people. Each day will be a new adventure for you.

7 Days & 6 Nights.On this special program we take you to stay,live,share and learn.You will learn the daily activities such as: Hunting,fishing,cooking(eating) music and dacing foklore etc. For more information about this programs Contact Us


Huitoto's Tribe

Visit Huitoto's village located in Ampiyacu River .7 Days & 6 Nights experince the customs of the native people.This trip aslo is full of activities. For information about the Huitoto's Tribe program Contact us.


The Matses - Cat People

The Matsés people are often affectionately referred to as the "cat people" due to the characteristic "whiskers" and facial tattoos. Come and live in the cummunity of the Matses for 15 days and 14 nights. Contact Us about this program we looking forward to help you.

Yaguas Tribe

Of all the indigenous tribes that inhabit the Peruvian Amazon, the Yaguas are perhaps the most characteristic tribe of the region.  In fact, it was the Yaguas who gave the Amazon its name.7 Days & 6 Night living ,learning , sharing in the cummunity of the Yaguas. For more information about this program Contact Us 

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