My Amazon Lodge

Our lodge called "My Amazon Lodge" is based on the Yarapa river in a protected area (local reserve), 4 hours away from Iquitos.


The lodge itself is a basic rustic building. It contains the main bungalow with dinning room, hammock area and open deck. From the open deck you have a beautiful view into the nature, where you also have the chance to spot animals.


Further the lodge contains 5 bungalows to host our guest. Each room has a private bathroom, with a regular toilet and shower.


For your accomodation there are single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms and dorms available.


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The tiniest monkeys in the jungle called Lioncito

Moises Torres manager of  My Amazon Tours with Cejrowski

(famous writer from Poland)

Wojciech Cejrowski:

My Amazon Tours is an excellent company doskonaly!

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