3-days tour

Day 1:            

We departure from your hotel or the airport at around 8.30 a.m. We start our tour   by driving in a private car for 1.5 hours to Nauta City.


From Nauta we take a tipical slow boat which reach our lodge in around 2 hours. We navigate by the 2 main rivers from the amazon which are the Rio Marañon and Rio Ucayali. The lodge itself is located in the Yarapa river, in protected area (local reserve).


After taking lunch we start our first excursion. By boat we gonna observe river dolphins. In the amazon we have the chance to spot two spicies of river dolphins, the pink and the grey one.


After dinner we will have a night walk excursion in the rainforest. We search for night wildlife like snakes, frogs, spiders and many more.

Day 2:            

We start our day with an early excursion around 5 o'clock in the morning. At this time we can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and whatch out for colourful birds and monkeys.


After heading back to the lodge, we have a lovely breakfast with coffee, fruits etc.

Our second excursion on day 2 will be a jungle trek. By walking in the primary forest you do not just have the chance to spot the wildlife, your guide will also share his knowledge about the high amount of medical plants. Further you will learn some basic survival skills in the jungle like finding food and water or biuilding a shelter.


In the afternoon we have an excursion by boat upstream the Cumaceba river searching for sloths, macaws (Aras), diffrent types of monekys etc. We also gonna pass by two beautiful lakes. On the whole trip you are surrounded by the amazing nature with its trees and waterplants.


At night we do have a night boat excursion to search for caimans.

Day 3:

After breakfast we gonna visit a lake, where we can find the famous giant waterlilies.


As a last highlight of our 3-days-tour we gonna try to fish some pirahnas, the most dangerous fish in the amazon river. If we are lucky to catch one, there is the possibility to try it for lunch.


For heading back to Iquitos, we take the boat to Nauta. In Nauta we change to a car which arrives at arround 5 to 6 p.m. back in Iquitos.


In general we offer flexible excursions. So if you have any preferences or ideas, let us know.


Be aware that the excursions can be changed according the weather conditions.

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